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The new
issue of RC hits the news stands today, packed with some cracking
features, including Q&As with soul men Jimmy James and Bobby
, Ministry’s own Rasputin, Al Jourgensen, Scouse cult prog
heroes, Colonel Bagshot, and silver surfers, The Beach Boys. Not
only that, Dave Edmunds chips in with a pile of rock, we reveal George
’s long-lost thoughts from 1962, and rake over the making of two Radiohead
milestones, Kid A and, er … Oh aye. Amnesia. There’s also an
in-depth look at the making of two Radiohead milestones, Kid A
and, er… This could go on for a while… And that’s without even mentioning Taj
, or two-thirds of Dixie Chicks, Court Yard Hounds, which I
haven’t… But I do know that we will be looking at two Radiohead

filling up space in the newsletter this week, and while we’re on the subject of
cracking features, is a mug-shot of select members of the extended RC crew
(you have been warned). You may be familiar with the Sleeveface phenomenon that
took off a couple of years back, with people dressing as their music hero from
a classic album sleeve, holding it in front of their fizzog, and taking a photo
for instant internet fame/trolling. After one of our regular brain-storming
sessions (at a pub in Ealing, coincidentally), we thought we could go one
better. Or rather, you, the RC massive, could. Hence, we’ve come
up with Cover Versions (copyrighted, so hands off, Zuckerberg), whereby you
and/or your mates go to the location of an album sleeve photo and re-create the
image of the artiste or band. 

thought about kicking things off with arguably the most famous album sleeve
location ever, The BeatlesAbbey Road, but the Red Hot Chili
beat us to it, and we’re not covering them. After all they were
barely covering themselves. And only Ian Shirley volunteered. Instead, we
decided to start with somewhere altogether obscurer. Not the Abbey Road station
in London’s Docklands, but the pub (there’s a theme developing here), where Deep
stood outside, for the inner sleeve shot of their Slaves And
album, recently reissued as a Deluxe Edition by Cherry Red.

an exhaustive Googling of said image, which came up with bugger all, we
identified a handful of possible candidates, and decided to meet at The
Gloucester Arms in London’s Gloucester Road, which almost certainly wasn’t
The Gloucester pub in the photo, but it looked nice, had decent ale, and Cherry
Red’s Matt Ingham (pictured below in the photo-shoot out-takes) knew where it
was, so it would serve as a good rallying point. After much rallying (to the
bar), the RC posse staggered to the next and more likely possible
location and, on arrival at said hostelry in Knightsbridge, were cheered to
discover the very same Sloane Street spot that Messrs Glover, Lord, Blackmore,
Turner & Paice had stood before (actually behind, to the rear of the
premises) all those dodgy 90s hair-do’s ago. You can see the horrific results

your maps and compasses out, and send in your own Cover Version photos to record.collector@metropolis.co.uk,
and we may go viral! The Ed returns next week, possibly with a Blurry shot of
himself, running in a bib around Walthamstow racetrack.


News Editor 


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