Friday’s Top Three Including Die RotenRosen, Porcupine Tree, Duran Duran

Die-Roten-Rosen-Itsy-Bitsy-Teenie-589757 DIE ROTEN ROSEN Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu-Strand Bikini  Ultra Rare 1987 UK 2-track 7" vinyl single featuring the single taken from 'Never Mind the Hosen Here's Die Roten Rosen', the first cover album by Die Toten Hosen under their Die Roten Rosen pseudonym, includes both the German and English language versions, housed in the glossy picture sleeve with artwork by JAMIE REID [Sex Pistols]. 


PORCUPINE TREE The Incident (2009 UK Limited Deluxe Edition box set for the tenth studio album by the British progressive rock band, comprising of the 2-CD album set, DVD-Audio disc featuring the 5.1 mix of entire album, all three discs housed ina 116-page Hardback Book featuring lyrics and Lasse Hoile photography, also comes with a 48-page Glossy Lyric Book featuring Hajo Mueller’s drawings of 'The Incident' – All packaged in rigid artwork slipcase measuring 11¾" x 13" x 1¼" in sizewith this copy in immaculate condition)

Duran-Duran-Liberty---US-Prom-540020 DURAN DURAN Liberty (1990 US promotional-only FULLY AUTOGRAPHED box set including full promotional 11-track 'King Kong' PICTURE DISC CD album, 11-track cassette album in unique picture sleeve. Boldly and clearly signed across the front of the card wallet picture sleeve by John Taylor in blue marker pen and in silver pen by Nick Rhodes, Warren Cuccurullo and Simon Le Bon [with sentiments to the previous owner] plus features the signature of Sterling Campbellwho was the band's official drummer for this album only! 

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