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Rolling-Stones-Love-You-Live-354770  ROLLING STONES/ANDY WARHOL Love You Live

Unbelievable 1977 US 46" x 37" ANDY WARHOL designed Love You Live vinyl table cloth. Warhol produced this original photo silk screen tablecloth for the Stones' Love You Live LP release & tour party at New York City's Trax Club on September 27th, 1977. Printed in black onto white vinyl, the tablecloth features prints of all twenty five photos [two are blow-ups] that Andy took of the Rolling Stones at the "biting" photo session. There were two versions produced; twelve in paper as a poster & twelve in vinyl. Only these twenty four were produced and they were never available to the general public, just the attendees of the launch party. This particular vinyl print/cloth/artwork [call it what you will] has been stored rolled from new & still has the original paper backing, unpeeled. There are a few tears to the edges of the paper backing from the years spent in storage but the vinyl is pristine with no marks or, more importantly, no folds. Frame it or shove your Ketchup bottle on it, the choice is yours, but either way the ownership of this makes you one of an exclusive club of just two dozen, worldwide.

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