Death of John Lennon’s mother hardened his anti-establishment views…

The death of John Lennon’s mother at the hands of an off-duty policeman “irrevocably hardened” his anti-establishment views, a new book claims.


Read exclusive extracts of Tune In by Mark Lewisohn in tomorrow's Telegraph Review.

Julia Lennon was killed when she was knocked over by a car as she crossed the road in 1958.

Although she had given Lennon up age five, at the time of her death the pair had reconciled, leading Lennon to later tell how he felt he had lost her twice.

In his new book Tune In the first of a three-part biography of the group, author and Beatles' historian Mark Lewisohn said the incident caused the “most tremendous heartbreak” for Lennon.

“For John, who’d grown up without Julia from the age of five, losing her again at 17, with such appalling finality, was the most tremendous and irreconcilable heartbreak,” he writes.

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