Monday’s Top Three Rolling Stones, The Aquarian Age & U2

354770 ROLLING STONES Love You Live Unbelievable 1977 US 46" x 37" ANDY WARHOL
designed Love You Live vinyl table cloth. Warhol produced this original photo
silk screen tablecloth for the Stones' Love You Live LP release & tour party
at New York City's Trax Club on September 27th, 1977.

591226 THE AQUARIAN AGE 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box Mega rare original 1968 UK 'A'
label demonstration sample vinyl 7" for one of the rarest singles on Parlophone
by this Tomorrow spin-off, featuring John "Junior" Wood (bass), Twink [John
Alder], Nicky Hopkins, (piano) & Clem Cattini (drums), a highly prized 45
for the British psych collector!

591250 U2 How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Scarce 2004 UK promotional-only black Helly
Hansen 3/4-length hooded parka jacket. This high-quality garment features an
embroidered 'U2' logo on the left sleeve and a material artist/title logo sewn
onto the lining inside the left front.

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