Rare My Bloody Valentine now In Stock!

Recently we picked
up a small, yet fantastic collection of  rarities by seminal Shoegaze band My
Bloody Valentine
. Here's a bit about the band if you are unfamiliar, and a few
of the highlights on offer!

 My Bloody Valentine
have earned almost an enigmatic status over the years. From there early
post-punk roots there was always promise of something special happening,
expanding their sound further on their debut full length Isn't Anything, and
then by creating the most beautiful noise ever recorded with 1991's classic
album Loveless. After a creative block and over criticising himself, Kevin
Shields reformed My Bloody Valentine in 2008 after a near 15 years of obscurity
for a handful of (exceptionally loud, trust me I was there, shows, and promised
a new album would be on the way. This promise was kept and in 2013 the band
released the fantastic full length MBV with no label backing, and doing
everything themselves. An exceptional band often imitated, never bettered.

My-Bloody-Valentine-Isnt-Anything---L-99153Isn't Anything
Rare 1988 UK Creation Records limited edition 12-track vinyl LP and a 2-track
exclusive bonus 7" single featuring two Instrumental tracks.Housed in stickered
picture sleeve. The first full length by My Bloody Valentine, which saw the band
start to expand on their post-punk sound of old and begin to dip their toes into
the sea of Shoegaze. From opener Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) through to the
majestic When You Wake You're Still In a Dream, and the single Feed Me With Your
Kiss this album is a classic, and serves as a blueprint of what was to follow
from the band several years later. As mentioned this includes the bonus 7" with
two instrumental tracks that were unavailable until recently on several
compilation releases. Do not miss out on this, as it rarely surfaces complete,
and in such wonderful condition as this copy! 
Sunny Sundae Smile - Very rare 1987 UK 2-track 7" vinyl single,
also includes Paint A Rainbow, with picture

My-Bloody-Valentine-Sunny-Sundae-Smil-4018 sleeve. The second single to be released
by My Bloody Valentine, with less than <b>2000</b> copies rumoured
to be in existence,and exhibiting more of an early post-punk feel before they
signed to Creation, and pretty much broke the
mould of shoegaze a couple of years later. The sleeve and vinyl are both
in excellent condition, with only a couple of light surface marks from being
taken in and out of the sleeve. This fantastic single is incredibly hard to come
by now, and would be a great centrepiece of any My Bloody Valentine collection!

My-Bloody-Valentine-The-New-Record-By-109663The New Record By My Bloody
  – Rare 1986 UK 4-track 12"
vinyl EP, featuring Lovelee Sweet Darlene, By The Danger In Your Eyes, On
Another Saturday Night and We're So Beautiful, picture sleeve. More early sound from the band before becoming
Creations early nineties darlings (and subsequently almost driving Alan McGee to
bankruptcy…). A fantastic post-punk meets psychedelic journey over these 4
tracks, and a great sign of what big things 4 floppy haired kids who can make a
noise can do. The sleeve has just a little light edge wear and the vinyl
is almost mint, with only two very faint hairline marks on side 1. A fantastic
near mint copy of this rarity
This is just a
handful of some of the great My Bloody Valentine items we have in stock
currently, however I would advise acting fast. My Bloody Valentine to this day
have a devoted cult following, and I cannot imagine any of these Items hanging
around long. Click just head to 991.com to view our current

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