We Have Acquired Two AUTOGRAPHED One-Off Items From Curved Air Legend, Florian Pilkington-Miksa!

Here's your chance to acquire these amazing 'WOW!' items:

CURVED AIR Large Metal Storage Box

FOR SALE: One Metal Box, sized 42" long, 16" wide & 10" deep. One not-so-careful owner. More air miles on it than you have, for sure. This unique curio comes directly from Curved Air drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa as a genuine piece of Rock History. It apparently used to belong to his seafaring brother, but was soon acquired for the task of carrying various small parts of a drum kit & associated ephemera around the world. This box, has 'Curved Air' not only stencilled on the side but also enhanced with some stencilled Gaffa tape [the ultimate musician's friend]. This box was used through the early tours including the tour on which Curved Air Live was recorded at Bristol Polytechnic & at Cardiff University in December 1974. It was still in use right up to the early days of the current reformation in 2009. Not a bad innings, all told, so Florian did the right thing in dispossessing his brother way back in 1970. As can be expected of something that has lived its life in the back of vans and been through aircraft baggage handling on more occasions than it would care to recount, it is far from pristine, but the clasps still work and all the scratches and dents were earned fairly and squarely by life on The Road. This metal box had attended most Curved Air gigs and recording sessions since 1970 and yet still remains in one piece as a treasury chest of historical wonder. Lest the 'CURVED AIR' on the outside of the box be missed, Florian has also AUTOGRAPHED the inside of the lid and provided a hand written letter of provenance to go with your purchase. Ok, you can't play it, but you know where it's been and I'll bet that you would have liked to have been there with it as it travelled the world in the seventies. A one off with impeccable provenance. A never to be repeated piece of Rock history that also contains a usefully large volume of air that you can use inventively with the filling of your choice!



CURVED AIR Simmons SDS8 Drum Kit

This is a lot of kit. Not flimsy like today's output, but a very solid six piece hexa-pad electronic drum kit, complete with module/mixer and very heavy duty aluminium metal stands & rack. The hexa-pads include a bass drum, three toms, a snare & a spare. Each can be configured through the module/mixer with parameters for volume, pan, click, balance, decay, bend, pitch, filter and sensitivity, as well as sequencer triggering. This kit is supplied with XLR cannon jack leads for connection to the module & sufficient mounting units to set the toms and snare hexa-pads up on the mounting rack as you'd prefer them. For one of those classic eighties drum sounds, this unit is hard to beat [not literally, of course, as it's designed to be beaten!]. This particular kit comes directly from Curved Air drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa as a genuine piece of Rock History. The kit has been AUTOGRAPHED by him, both on the back of the module and on one leg of the support rack. If you want to know what it sounds like, it was used on the Curved Air 1990 Alive Album as well as on Francis Monkman's 'Jam' CD. Not only that, but this kit also comes with a letter of provenance from Florian as previous [and only] owner. Condition wise, it's used but well kept and not battered about. It is untested but is believed to still be fully functional. There are a few strips of omnipresent Gaffa that let you know that this kit has been owned by someone who could use it. Rome had its water systems. Musicians have Gaffa. That's just the way it is. No Gaffa anywhere and you would doubt its history. There is no doubt about this. A superb vintage musical instrument and a classic sound of the eighties, directly from the drummer of Curved Air to you!

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