For the record, HMV is back on Oxford Street!

…and aims to be a showcase for the music industry

The retailer returns to its original shop, where the old dog is learning new tricks

To the strains of "Land of Hope and Glory", the original HMV store reopened its doors yesterday morning after a hiatus of 13 years and fears that one of the most famous names in the British music industry was finished.

"Nipper is finally home," said the sticker on the shop window, in reference to the HMV mascot, the famous white terrier depicted gazing into an Edison Bell cylinder phonograph. In spite of digital downloads, music piracy and a sluggish economy, there is, it seems, some life in the old dog yet.

HMV fell into administration in January but in April it was rescued by the restructuring company Hilco. The salvage of the old flagship store – closed in 2000 and, until recently, a branch of sports chain Footlocker – is a symbolic moment.

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