Now at 30: Where are they?

It is 30 years since the first Now That's What I Call Music was released. But what happened to the artists who featured in the first instalment?


It's 1983: Margaret Thatcher is re-elected as Prime Minister, Aberdeen beat Real Madrid to win the Cup Winners' Cup and seatbelts become mandatory in the UK.

But more significant than all of that is the launch of a global phenomenon – one which would weave itself into the very fabric of popular culture for the next three decades.

On November 28, 1983, the first Now That's What I Call Music is released.

Since then, a further 85 installments of the hit-collecting, chart-raiding compilation have been offered up to a perpetually loyal audience.

But what happened to those pioneering superstars who were lucky enough to feature on the first edition? A look through the tracklist reveals more drama than an EastEnders Christmas special.

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