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991.com brings you excerpts from this week's R.C. Weekly Newsletter. 


Despite what you may have read in this very newsletter last week, it’s been a dry time for record buying on my part. I picked up just one single during my week off. Hence, I was excited to return to work to find a mustard-coloured cotton bag on my desk which bore the legend “Mega Record & CD Fair Utrecht”. Ah, RRPG editor Ian Shirley may have taken the mickey out of me last week for buying too much reggae (and I’m still waiting for him to bring in those acetates he promised me more than a year ago, I note), but clearly he’d thought of me while he was at the Utrecht fair and found me some great vinyl. Er… dream on. All those records and he couldn’t find just one for little me. The bag was empty, the record-lover’s equivalent of those shirts that say: “My dad went to New York and all he bought me was this lousy T-shirt.” Never mind. It’s a nice bag. For an empty one.

Do you buy or sell on eBay? It seems to me that prices have gone up a bit as we approach Christmas. The few things I’ve bid on have been a bit rubbish really, more gap fillers than gems, but I’ve fallen a long way short of the winning bids. Record Collector’s listings have been more sensible, with one seller offering a £2.50 sale with some great stuff on it, and a great selection of 60s titles kicking off the section. I prefer a set sale to an auction – I know a lot of people get a kick out of watching the price change and enjoy the uncertainty about what the record’s finally going to go for, but I’d rather know what I was paying and just pay it if I can afford it. It seems that a lot of records don’t have a price – they’re just worth what you can get for them. This clearly works for a lot of sellers, who might get more in an auction than they’d have asked for a set sale, but it’s equally likely that the final price will fall short of a record’s true worth. It’s a lottery – but at least you don’t have to listen to a ropey Gilbert O’Sullivan song on an advert for it, as you do on the ad for the UK’s Lotto game…

Wish I hadn’t mentioned that Gilbert tune-that-shall-remain-nameless. I think I owe you an antidote; hope that works.

Lots of stuff in the new issue of the magazine, in the shops from 5 December: expanded editions of The Collector, Single Cream, Not Forgotten and Live; a rare vinyl calendar; interviews with Roger Taylor and Ringo Starr; we hear from Ray Davies and Graham Nash about their new memoirs, we analyse the rise of the machines in the 80s, and speak to Harold Budd. Plus all the usual mad bits around the edges, and the chance to grab our latest Rare Vinyl Offer, a great album by Aubrey Small. RC: serious about music, in a fun kinda way.

Hope you have a great week, and remember, an album’s not just for Christmas, it’s for life.

Until next week,

Best wishes

Ian McCann, Editor




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