After A Week Of Travelling ‘Into The Void’ Our Resident ‘Master Of Reality’ Returned With A Black Sabbath Gem. It’s Time For Dick’s Picks!

Dick's Picks


Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality – 1st Australian Issue + Poster 

Incredibly rare [in this condition] 1971 AUSTRALIAN first issue 8-track vinyl LP on the 'swirl' Vertigo label complete with fold out full colour poster, unique front laminated embossed picture sleeve with lyrics on the back. The front of the sleeve takes its design from the first UK boxed issue but comes in a single pocket sleeve with an identical poster to the UK release. There is no 'swirl' inner as it never came with one. I feel like I should tell you so much more about this copy & describe its defects in minute & tedious detail, but I'm afraid I can't. It hasn't got any defects. This copy is as near to a 1971 shop bought copy as makes no difference. As far as we can tell, it looks like we were the first people to ever unfold the MINT poster. The whites on the sleeve are still white, with no edge scuffing at all & no wear. The vinyl is immaculate & if played, has been done so very carefully on top quality equipment & not very often. I don't often use this word in a description as it's used all too often to describe 'not bad' copies, but for this LP I will. MINT. There is no better copy in the Galaxy than this one!

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