Friday’s Top Three including Joy Division, Depeche Mode & Skid Row

393556  JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures 1979 UK Factory 10-track LP, recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport with producer Martin Hannett, who carefully sculpted Curtis' despairing vocals, Bernard's hooks, Hook's upfront basslines & Morris' minimalist pounding into an eerie soundscape, replete with cavernous reverb & startling effects, still massively influential to this day!

533235 DEPECHE MODE Singles Box 1, 2 & 3 Rare set of Three original 1991 UK issue limited edition Six CD single box sets, 81-tracks spread over Eighteen discs, featuring Live and Remixed material. Each set is housed in a 6" x 5"black embossed box with their picture booklets.

595366  SKID ROW Subhuman Race Scarce 1995 German 12-track LP, the third album from the hard rock group and last to feature frontman Sebastian Bach. Includes the tracks My Enemy and Remains To Be Seen, picture sleeve with lyric inner.

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