Top 10 Jazz albums of 2013

Stan Tracey and Wayne Shorter are among Ivan Hewett's pick of the 10 best jazz albums of 2013

Jazz expert Ivan Hewett picks his 10 best albums of the year, including The Flying Pig by the late Stan Tracey

 Aki Takase: My Ellington (Intakt Records)

Pianist Aki Takase’s hommage to Duke Ellington shows the profound insight that only love nurtured over decades can bring. Sometimes she makes Ellington’s original emerge miraculously from angular abstraction. Sometimes she gives us his music ‘neat’, before leading it somewhere new. There are more ideas in a single track than one normally finds in an entire album. So choosing a download track is difficult, but A Little Max (Parfait) captures Takase’s wit and power to move, on the tiniest scale..


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