More Metallica Rarities Available Now!

Some more fantastic Metallica rarities from the collection we acquired from Sem Hadland, author of the book 'Metallica Fuel & Fire, The Illustrated Collectors Guide To Metallica' and previous owner/webmaster of Encyclopedia Metallica.

Below is just a sample of some of the rare items we currently have, and this barely scratches the surface!

MetsmprS & M Concert Special – Very rare 1999 US SFX 4-CD-R radio show live from Madison Square Garden & accompanied by the 78-piece orchestra of St Lukes, broadcast Nov 26-28 1999, complete with cue sheets. Including reworkings with the fullorchestra of classic Metallica tracks One, Master Of Puppers, and Enter Sandman. A fantastic collectors item, that deserves a place in any serious Metallica collection










Mandatory Metallica – Mega Rare 1988 US original 7-track promo-only compilation CD, this Metallica+-+Mandatory+Metallica+-+7+Track+-+CD+ALBUM-96164 issue is without the track 'One' which was added to the later 8-track issue, with custom picture sleeve. Does exactly what it says on the case, and includes the most Mandatory Metallica tracks, such as Master Of Puppets, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and Creeping Death










Whiplash Sampler – Incredibly rare 1988 UK 4-track promotional-only sampler CD which features tracks taken from the first four albums, includes Whiplash, Ride The Lightning, Welcome Home [Sanitarium] and One. This was given to radio stations and comes with a custom black sleeve with red 'Metallica' logo and white tracklisting text – now extremely hard to find and very sought after 




There more rarities arriving daily, keeping checking for the latest items




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