The Ultimate Metallica Collection has arrived!

We have recently purchased one of, if not the finest Metallica collection you are ever likely to see. Coming direct from Sem Hadland, author of the book 'Metallica Fuel & Fire, The Illustrated Collectors Guide To Metallica' and previous owner/webmaster of Encyclopedia Metallica.

A stunning collection, with some fantastic rarities being unearthed each day right now. Below are just a couple of highlights, with more to follow!

Metallica-Jump-In-The-Fire-83787Jump In The Fire – Rare 1986 UK UNCUT test pressing of their iconic 'Moster' shaped picture disc, this is for  the second issue with the barcode on the reverse, also including Phantom Lord [Live]. This was pressed using the un-used catalogue number P12-KUT-105 in matrix! Stunning!

Kill 'Em All – Very rare original 1983 US Megaforce label numbered limited Metallica-Kill-em-All---Num-141392
edition 10-track vinyl PICTURE DISC LP, individually numbered on a white sticker on the centre of the disc. The classic Metallica debut, featuring the iconic thrash anthems Hit The Lights, and Jump In The Fire. An incredibly hard to come by picture disc, especially with the number sticker intact. A must for any real Metallica colleciton




There are more fantastic Metallica rarities available now, and also to stay on top of the latest arrivals, head to to check them out!

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