Thursday’s Top Three including Alice Cooper, Kiss & Bon Jovi

359827 ALICE COOPER Tour 1991-92 Official 1991 UK 24-page 14" x  10" glossy tour programme packed with lots of pictures from  Alice's colourful stage show, tour personnel, an advertise for  the 'Prime Cuts' video and a superb glossy picture cover


KISS Crazy Nights World Tour 1987-88 Original UK large  sized 19½" x 13" 24-page tour programme featuring lots of  superb images of the band with ladies in sexy outfits,  biography text and more, great logo cover which shows only a  few light signsof age with pages inside in immaculate  condition

586787 BON JOVI The Jersey Syndicate Tour Official 1988 UK  24-page 13" x 9½" tour programme, features stunning  concert photographs and lyrics to the New Jersey album,  great front cover picture of the band with blue border


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