Tuesday’s Top Three Including Paul McCartney, Madonna, Radiohead

Paul-McCartney-Dance-Tonight-421611PAUL MCCARTNEY Dance Tonight (Rare *UNCUT* picture disc for the 2007 UK limited edition shaped vinyl single. This incredible rarity has not been cut to the finished shape and retains a clear vinyl surround around the actual image, measuring 12" in diameter. Uncut picture discs are essentially test pressings, used to check the pressing quality and image alignment in advance of the final run. They are hugely collectable; some of the rarest titles fetch many hundreds of £s – a gem!)


MADONNA Evita Newspaper Movie Prop (Rare, authentic and official double-sided newspaper one-sheet, as featured in the acclaimed 1996 major motion picture 'Evita'. This 23" x 16" newspaper prop was utilized prominently in the film, and features four shots of Madonna as Evita, along with appropriate text befitting the period. On the back page is a full-scale Madonna-as-Evita portrait photograph – See Additional Information for more details:


RADIOHEAD Hail To The Thief (Superb 2003 UK promotional set produced for the 'Hail To The Thief' album consisting of a Slide Viewer with accompanying slides in a custom brown 'Radiohead' stencilled box and an official Jigsaw [which remains shrinkwrapped & sealed]. Also included in this amazing set is a 4" x 3" white puzzle housed inside a custom 'sandwich bag' and finally a black self-inking fold-out rubber stamp, measuring approximately 3"x 1" when closed and which opens out into a triangular stamp with 'Hail To The Thief' text plus belt clip) 
See More Info for further details …

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