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We are waiting for the new issue to arrive – it’s the time of month when we are relaxed (for once), flopped on a chaise longue made up of reconstituted Factory albums, sipping wine from Motorhead’s vineyard (who knew?) while Kylie peels grapes and feeds them to us from her pouting lips. Kate Bush is sat at a solid walnut grand piano serenading us with her interpretations of Captain Beefheart in a music hall style, and the postman has just delivered a huge pile of items we found cheap on eBay. And now, a joke: what’s the Brazilian Kate Bush called? Kate. Geddit? If so, I apologise. Really.

So, what’s been happening? Bought this record deck, which I’m too frightened to play anything decent on (honest), although the stylus appears in good shape. I’ve seen people at record fairs taking them up to dealers and asking if they might spin the merchandise to see what itv sounds like. If you were a dealer (in records!), would you let a punter play your product on it? Click here for yes, click here for no. Poor cat.

What have I heard of late that I’ve liked? An EP by Electric Cake Salad, and an Ultramagnetic MC’s (yes I know that apostrophe’s wrong, but that’s what they did, innit) 45 which is a very different take of this, both, er, gushed over in the next edition of the magazine. My Disaster from Seether’s upcoming Isolate And Medicate album, which reminds me of a metallic version of this. And we’ve had a gobsmacking heap of vinyl turn up in the office from Guerssen, including a reissue of Freedom’s Through The Years, which I haven’t seen through the decades. That’s the label that’s dug out some Dara Puspita, whose cut of the great King CurtisMemphis Soul Stew must be heard to be believed.

Kylie’s just popped to Tesco for a Spam sandwich, and frankly, it’s a bit of a relief: I’m kinda sick of grapes and she’s a little over-attentive. Plus I’ve got the chance to think about a future edition of the magazine… there will be some late-60s/early-70s rock, a guitar legend, a great post-punk/80s outfit, oh, and the great Jackie Wilson. But that’s not for some time yet; in the meantime we’ve got Joy Division, Blossom Toes, Melvins, Destructors and a chance to win Fruits De Mer rarities in the issue that hits the shops next week. RC: it counts as 15 in your five a day.

Thanks for reading this newsletter and the magazine, have a great week,

Ian McCann (Editor) 

RC June 2014

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