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"Ladies and gentlemen, Daman and Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs,
Caballeros and Horsewomen of the world, we give you the fantastic world of Krautrock and beyond!"
"An extraordinary exhibition of rare progressive vinyl from the corners of the deepest, darkest vaults!" (edited source: Robert Calvert/Nektar – Down To Earth 1974)  Can-Ege-Bamyasi---EX-441603

From to Inga Rumpf's FRUMPY to CAN's masterpiece Ege Bamyasi to John Peel's TRACTOR to the 'mysterious' COSMIC JOKERS…you just have to fix your eyes here for some of the best Krautrock, rare psych, Italian prog and more fabulous obscurities of rock experimentation we've ever seen and boy are they as weird and wonderful as they are cool and collectable!

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