Diamonds In The Rough: 15 Essential Duran Duran Rarities

Ahead of our release of Duran Duran’s new live album A Diamond In The Mind, we dig deep into the band’s glittering discography to find fifteen of the rarest Duran Duran gems around.
Words: Paul Rigby

This is no ordinary biography, for it tells of the brave deeds of these pop princes in terms of trophies won and endeavours recorded. More than that, you can be right in amongst it because this is Duran Duran history that you can own yourself! We’ve had a long chat with one of the UK’s largest dealers in music memorabilia, 991 and specialist Duran Duran collectables outfit, Duran Duran Collector’s Store and, working through the night, undertaking furious debates, gorging on beer and sandwiches and fighting our way through the fog of electronic cigarettes, we’ve come up with a glorious list of Top 14 rarities (plus a special bonus) that tell of the glory days of a band that started out as Roxy Music-influenced new romantics, only to end up as music video-pioneering, jet-setting, MTV-conquering, pop kings.

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