Led Zeppelin for serious investors & collectors

339217Led Zeppelin – Extremely rare 1969 UK 9-track first issue stereo LP with 'Superhype' publishing credit on the labels, legendary fully laminated sleeve with turquoise lettering. The matrix numbers are 588171 A//1 & 588171 B//1 and are not scratched out, indicating that this is the very, very first pressing. This copy remains in wonderful condition.

This highly sought after first pressing of the classic first Led Zeppelin album was available for a very short time before the sleeve was replaced with the orange lettered design. The first orange sleeves retained the 'Uptight An' Outtasight' Atlantic Appreciation Society flash on the back, although this was soon replaced too. The first orange sleeve copies contained either the unscratched matrix vinyl or the slightly later scratched out matrix vinyl that continued for the rest of the plum & red label presses.
This is the very first turquoise lettered sleeve with matching unscratched matrix vinyl & period Polygram poly lined inner.


The vinyl remains in wonderful condition with just a couple of visible light surface marks to show for its forty five years. These are really inconsequential and, although visible, are inaudible and do not qualify even so much as to be described as 'hairlines'. 
There is no evidence of wear to the centre hole, no obvious spindle marks and no wear to the labels, which both remain clear and bright.
All songs except the Willie Dixon numbers are credited to 'Superhype Music'.

The matrices are unscratched, indicating first issue vinyl.

The sleeve remains mighty fine, with little evident shelfwear.
There is a small amount of inevitable laminate lift at the spine, but the pinched nature of the construction and the spine text are still plain to see.
What remains are just a few very light laminate creases that would be almost impossible not to see on a sleeve of this type of this age. 339217b

It is obvious that this copy has been extremely well looked after, which is good for us and good for you.
The difference between this and a hypothetical 'Mint' copy [should such truly exist] is minimal. This is second hand, yes, but in nearly as good condition as you would ever hope to find.



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