Valuable Vinyl

It must be catalogued, in mint condition and great care should be taken with its handling. the picture on the face must not be damaged and it should be kept in a clear, see-through envelope. the rarer it is the more it is worth and unlike most antiquities a flawed example can be more valuable than the perfect original.



And no, we’re not talking about stamp collecting. today those who once might have steamed off the one- inch gummed square from an envelope or attended a weekend market to swap their twosomes and threesomes

are nowadays more interested in seven or 12 inches of black plastic, known collectively as vinyl.

For collecting old pop singles and albums is, if you’ll excuse the cliché, the new rock and roll. this month 991.

com, the world’s biggest dealers in collectable records, reported a 15 per cent increase in sales

in the past trading year. the online operation of the British-based company has racked up sales of £50 million.

“We’ve seen an increase in sales of collectible stock all over the UK and abroad, especially in the USA and Japan,”

said managing director Rob Croydon who nowaday s employs 40 people at the company’s HQ in Meopham, Kent. “A mint copy of a scarce single for example can be worth more than its weight in gold.”

This boom in vinyl has in turn seen a need for turntables. this week tesco announced that sales of its turntables

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