Find Christmas Gift Ideas for Vinyl Record Lovers & Music Collectors In Our Christmas Store. This week: Jazz, Audiophile & Picture Discs


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We know it’s a tricky thing finding the right collectable for music collectors but we’ve made shopping for them that bit easier.

You’ll find a huge array of ideas across all formats and all budgets in our Christmas Store here

Explore this week’s top 3 categories…

Vinyl to die for, if you will. although we’d rather you didn’t. If you or your fellow collectors know your porky prime cuts from your nimbus supercuts then now’s the time to make a real sonic investment. Welcome to the Audiophile Store at


Picture Discs date all the way back to the 1920s and were commercially available up to the early 1960s. They became more of a promotional tool as the seventies arrived, and were pressed in small quantities and some were released to the markets with as little as 100 pressings. Because of the limited quantities and unique shapes and pressings, picture discs are highly sought after by collectors. Find them all here.
“Jazz Is Not Dead… It Just Smells Funny” so says Frank Zappa. Jazz thrives in all its forms herre at – check it all out here

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