Dick’s Pick: Claudia Lennear ‘Phew!’ – Super Hot Bowie/Jagger Related 1973 One-Off Sister Funk Vinyl LP

Dick’s Picks: How about this gritty slice of 1973 vintage sister-funk from the little known Claudia Lennear…. Claudia Lennear Although the 1973 long player ‘Phew!’ would be her sole album release Lennear has quite the musical pedigree, beginning her career as a backing singer/dancer with Ike & Tina Turners ‘Ikettes’ before […read more…]


Dick’s Pick: Glenn Branca ‘Lesson No.1’ – Top US Avant/Post Punk/No-Wave 12″ Vinyl on the Cult 99 Records Imprint

Dick’s Picks: For this week’s pick Dick has been waxing lyrical about this cult 1981 US avant-post-punk-no-wave 12″, “where classical and punk collide” he was heard to mutter…. Lesson No. 1 This strange and (at times) unsettling slice of 12” vinyl was in fact the début release on Ed Bahlman’s hugely […read more…]

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Now That’s What We Call A Turntable!

Audio-deva designs platter-less ‘atmo sfera aluminum’ turntable In an effort to bring vinyl turntables to match a new generation of household devices, audio deva introduced the ‘atmo sfera’. shaped by italian designer paolo caviglia, the space saving frame uses a reduced light-weight platter and a very small, low-torque motor leaving the […read more…]