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As the world’s largest buyer and seller of rare & collectable vinyl records, CDs and memorabilia you can safely assume that here at eil.com (sister company of 991.com) we like nothing more than a good old chin-wag about all things music related. With this in mind eil recently started a Facebook Group, the snappily titled Rare vinyl records, LPs, CD & music memorabilia from eil.com and now, just two months later, we find we have over 4000 members (with more joining everyday) – we’d like to say a huge thank you to all those who’ve joined and helped make the forum such a success – thanks!

So, if you’ve yet to join what can you expect? Well, all manner of ‘record collectory’ type stuff that’s what….so if you’re an experienced battle hardened collector, or you’ve just recently dusted off your old turntable or perhaps you’re brand new to this record collecting lark, all are welcome! To find out more click here and join the conversation.

…tell people what you’re playing…
…or what you’ve just bought…
….ask fellow members for info…
…trade with fellow members..
…..tell it like it is….
….record collecting stuff..

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