Can Music Cassettes Make A Comeback?

Okay, so we’re all up to speed with the (ahem) ‘vinyl revival’ but rising like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes is the good ol’ cassette….in fact so much so that in recent years Kanye West, Eminem and even Justin Bieber (yikes!) have made limited cassette runs available….here’s a pic of the Kanye tape but whatever your thoughts on brand Kanye it’s a pretty weird development that this redundant music format should be making any kind of comeback no?


Would you buy music on cassette? Have you got a tape player to play it on? Are there any benefits to the humble cassette or is this just retro-fetishism?

Shameless plug alert – here at we occasionally get cassettes, just search by your favourite artist to see what’s in what are you waiting for C-30 – C-60 – C-90 Go! That’s what I say…..

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