Record Collecting Stories: reader Neville shares pics of his record collection………..

Here’s another record collection for you to feast your eyes on! reader Neville has this to say, “this is my record collection housed mainly inside the coffee table”….nice idea and very discreet, that’s what we say!

“Then there’s the overspill in the unit in the corner, including Walter Trout’s back catalogue on white vinyl and 9 copies (yes 9!) of Foo Fighters Sonic Highways(all different covers – but of course!)”

“I play them on a Rega RP6 through a Denon av amp in stereo mode on to some Diapason Nux speakers”

Look at that bad boy!

Very nice indeed, If you’d like to show us some pics of your record collection, please email and we’ll share with our readers….. and sister company – the world’s best online store for rare, collectable and out of print Vinyl Records, CDs & Music memorabilia since 1987

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