Going Underground??? An artist has created a tube map out of vinyl records…….

….and you can listen to it!!

From Time Out

Artist Keith Haynes uses vinyl records as material for his works of art. But they’re not just any records. Each of the records used in his Map Series shares its name with a place. In galleries, some of his pieces are displayed with headphones so people can listen to the tracks as a playlist.

We asked Haynes to tell us a bit about his work and share the tracks that make up its playlist.

‘I studied at Harrow School of Art (it’s no longer called that). It was record sleeve artists like Jamie Reid, Malcolm Garrett and Linder Sterling that made me want to go to art school, where I studied graphic design.

‘I love working in mixed media and, for me, the choice of materials is as important as the choice of subject matter. I describe my work as pop art created from pop materials as it’s pop in both its look and in the materials used – vinyl records, album sleeves, button badges etc. I originally started by creating portraits of my music heroes from their own vinyl and from there it seemed a natural progression to create maps in the same way, using the records and songs inspired by that particular place.

‘Searching for the right record is a big part of my work. Many hours are spent browsing record shops and record fairs, not knowing what I might uncover and what might spark another idea. For specific records, I find the internet invaluable.

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