Stolen John Lennon items found in Berlin

A hundred possessions belonging to John Lennon’s estate have reportedly been found in Berlin.

Items such as a diary, a cigarette case, and pairs of his famous circular glasses were among the find, which was said to be stolen in 2006 from Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono. Authorities in Berlin arrested a 58-year-old man on suspicion of fraud and handling stolen goods. A spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor’s office said a second suspect in Turkey “is unattainable for us at the present time.”

Lennon’s possessions have been some of the most expensive in rock history. In 2015, the long-lost acoustic Gibson J-160E guitar used on the Beatles’ Please Please Me and With the Beatles, sold for a $2.41 million. In recent years, Lennon’s lyric sheets, manuscripts, instruments and artwork have sold for larger amounts. Even his tooth fetched $31,000 in 2011, while a lock of his hair was sold for $35,000 in 2016.

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