Japanese 3″ Snap-Pack CD Singles: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know!

What’s a “snap pack” you might ask?

These are a unique form of Japanese packaging to house Japanese 3″ CD singles.

Formed from a standard 6″ x 3″ card sleeve, this is folded over a (relatively flimsy it has to be said) plastic frame; this frame holds the CD single in place. The outer part of the frame can be “snapped” down to make a smaller 3″ x 3″ size pack, and the sleeve is designed to be folded and tucked around it. There’s your ‘snap’ package.

For collectors, unsnapped packs are obviously the most desirable but many Japanese collectors did as the package suggested and snapped these frames so they could store their CDs in a more compact way. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are less desirable to collectors but they often command a slightly lower price simply because they aren’t in their unadulterated form. We will always mention if a pack has been ‘snapped’ in our description.

3″ CD singles will play fine in any CD player that has a shallow indent to the centre of the sliding CD tray. But no popping them into your car CD player, you’ll likely never see it again.

They should be treasured and enjoyed and remember to sing along to the lyrics printed on nearly all the packs. The Japanese love a bit of karoake after all!

Watch a short video of some our best ones…


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