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Before The Frost

America's last great old-school rockers the Black Crowes talk about their thunderous new album Before the Frost. As Oasis have shown, a rock band based on a fraternal partnership is liable to be a volatile affair. The Black Crowes, from Atlanta, Georgia, who first surfaced here 20 years ago, are […read more…]

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Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]


SNOW PATROL 'Music In Review' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

DVD: This fascinating DVD and book gets to the very heart of the Snow Patrol phenomenon. With some of the group's best known tunes as its backdrop, the programme presents a unique critical review of the Glasgow-based band who first hit the charts in 2003. Presenter Christian Stevenson tells the story of the Snow Patrol's career so far, while respected session musician and musicologist Les Davidson examines the songs that took the group into rock's big league. Also giving their opinions and insights are Stef D'Andrea of Jeepster Recordings, the band's original record label, group expert and radio DJ Marsha Shandur, plus journalist and music promoter Laura Thorne, making this a complete study of a great pop band. The book The 72 page book features a detailed biography of Snow Patrol, illustrated with rare colour photographs.

[…read more…]