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Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]


MOTLEY CRUE 'Dr Feelgood – Deluxe Edition' [Release Date 21/09/2009]

2CD: Rated Billboard's No.1 album following release on September 1st 1989, selling 6 million copies in the U.S. alone and certified multi-platinum (officially Mötley Crüe's best-selling album, the band's fifth overall). * The title track reaches No.6 on the U.S. Billboard singles chart and is ranked No.15 on the VH1 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. * The singles 'Without You' reaches No. 8 and 'Kickstart My Heart' No.18 in the Billboard singles chart. * Contributors on the album include Steven Tyler, Bryan Adams, Robin Zander & Rick Neilsen [Cheap Trick], Skid Row and Jack Blades [Nightranger & Damn Yankees]. We're all familiar with the well worn phrase 'Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll', but never has this expression seemed more inadequate than when trying to encapsulate the life and crazy times of L.A.'s favourite Sleaze Metal heroes. Some say Guns N' Roses were the most dangerous band in the World. How wrong they are. The tale of Mötley Crüe is one that has been re-told and documented a'plenty over the years and it's a story that never fails to entertain, amaze, shock and repel in equal measure. One thing that often gets over-shadowed by these tales however, is the fact that the Crüe made bad ass Rock n' Roll and some of the best to come out of the California Glam Metal scene of the 80's. As you read through some of the titles ('Girls, Girls, Girls', 'Live Wire', 'Kickstart My Heart', 'Wild Side', 'Shout At The Devil') one is instantly transported back to a time when Mötley Crüe were the house band to the biggest party in the history of Rock. Time and tide hasn't seemed to slow them down either. They may be a little older (aren't we all) but they still know how to throw some of the biggest, brashest and downright lewdest parties you'll ever have the pleasure of being invited to. 'Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll'…that's just the entrée!

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