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Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part IV]


BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Sea of Tranquility: The Polydor Years 1974-1997 [released 26th October 2009]

3-CD: Esoteric Recordings are happy to announce the release of this extensive compilation which covers the career of BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST during their twenty three year tenure with Polydor Records, beginning with material from the album EVERYONE IS EVERYBODY ELSE, including tracks from albums such as TIME HONOURED GHOSTS, OCTOBERON, GONE TO EARTH, XII and ending with tracks from the German only album RIVER OF DREAMS. Including such classic tracks as MOCKINGBIRD, GALADRIEL, SHE SAID, CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE, JONATHAN, ROCK N ROLL STAR, HYMN, POOR MANS MOODY BLUES, BERLIN, IN MEMORY OF THE MARTYRS, this extensive history of the bands most successful recorded work is a long overdue reappraisal of their music. Sea of Tranquility is a fine overview of the finest music produced by the band. The release of the 3CD set coincides with John Lees BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST tour of the UK and Europe in October and November 2009. * 3CD DELUXE REMASTERED COMPILATION COVERING THE BANDS ENTIRE CAREER WITH POLYDOR RECORDS FROM 1974- 1997 * FEATURES LAVISHLY ILLUSTRATED BOOK WITH PHOTOS, MEMORABILIA & ESSAY * BACKED BY AN EXTENSIVE UK & EUROPEAN TOUR BY JOHN LEES BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST

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