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Thursday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


MICHAEL JACKSON 'A Troubled Genius' [Release Date 21/09/2009]

CD I DVD I Blu-Ray: Michael Jackson was a truly amazing phenomenon. He was the biggest star in the history of music, but he was also bravely waging his own private battle against his own inner demons. Despite fighting to overcome criminal charges and civil law suits, Michael selflessly carried on the vital work he did for children's charities. All of this despite his own continuing fight against drug dependency, anxiety, anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder. This is the untold story of a true hero who was prepared to put others first. Michael Jackson was never afraid to use his celebrity as a force for good and this unique film provides the conclusive proof that Michael was a true modern hero. Join Michael Jackson as he tirelessly tours the globe and witness him doing what he loved to do working hard on behalf of his favourite charities and good causes. Hear Michael speak out against racism, war and oppression as he fights for the rights of under privileged children everywhere. We hear from Elizabeth Taylor who stood by Michael. In England we go backstage as Michael meets Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and in South Africa Michael comes face to face with his idol – Nelson Mandela. We also hear from other celebrity families who have suffered loss as a result of the pressures of stardom including harrowing interviews with Kurt's Cobain's grandfather and Philomena Lynott speaking out against the celebrity life style, which killed her own son. This is the Michael Jackson the media chose to ignore, the secret story of a noble champion overcoming his own adversity in his lifelong quest to do good work or others who were less fortunate.

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