Apple Vs Apple

Dhani Harrison says The Beatles estate is considering starting a standalone download site offering the band's music, rather than making the backcat available through iTunes or whatever.

Harrison says the tunes may be sold through their own online "delivery system" in the near future. "We're losing money every day," Harrison told Blender. "So what do you do? You have to have your own delivery system, or you have to do a good deal with Steve Jobs. But he says that a download is worth 99 cents, and we disagree."

Harrison has also revealed that it was he who inaugurated proceedings in The Beatles' deal with Rock Band, which will see their songs made available on the game this September. Speaking to Billboard, Harrison said that the game will feature "stuff that has never been heard, never been released," although he did not divulge any specifics.

"I took the project to Apple [Corps] and sort of convinced everybody to have a presentation," he said. "My job description is…being enthusiastic. We've been working on it for the past two years. This is the first one that is going to be totally, historically accurate. It's been a real headache, but it's been the most enjoyable work I've done in my life."

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