Dreams Of Santa Anna?

You'd expect rock stars to collect expensive and luxurious items, some even peculiar, be it Slash and his pet snakes, Marilyn Manson and his love of prosthetic limbs or Lemmy and his Nazi-memorabilia-cum-Kinda-Surprise-toys. Just last week it was reported that Phil Collins has amassed hundreds of cannonballs, documents and other artefacts from the Alamo, stashing them in the basement of his home in Switzerland. It is said his new found passion is so great he has ditched the singing altogether. Will the last days of his musical career be remembered then for that Cadbury's Dairy Milk advert? What with its literal 'bringing a tired old beast (on a drum kit) back to life' representation, a cynical marketing ploy no less to make you buy chocolate and a re-released In The Air Tonight? We'd never do that. Still, consuming records and chocolate… now that's a hobby Posted by Rich (II)

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