Keep Music Live!

After last weeks Britney 'concert' I am in desperate need to go and see some real LIVE music with SINGING and INSTRUMENTS as opposed to backing tracks and lip-syncing, so I will be trawling through the local paper this evening in a bid to find somewhere local with a good band on. I've been fortunate enough to catch a couple of good bands locally in the last couple of weeks, namely The Leigh Highwood Band and The Sawdust Cesars. Both bands and very good pub bands who play covers, the former play 70's rock by Free, Zeppelin, Cream and the like while the Sawdust Cesars concentrate more on the Mod side of things playing Weller, The Jam, Kinks etc. If you've nothing planned this weekend, pick up a local rag and get yourself off to a pub gig – Keep music LIVE!

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