Beatles rights, Neil Young and Macca live

Michael Jackson May Have Left Paul McCartney Rights to 200 Beatles Songs in His Will: Michael Jackson arranged to give Paul McCartney the rights to The Beatles back catalog through his will according to reports published earlier this year. The pair who scored hits together in the mid-1980's with "Say, Say, Sa" and "The Girl Is Mine" had been feuding for years after Jackson won the rights to the Beatles back catalog because of legal wrangling between Macca and John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono.

McCartney for years expressed his dissatisfaction with Jackson's maneuver and the two were never on speaking terms again. Previously, the pair collaborated on Jackson's 1982 'Thriller' extract 'The Girl is Mine,' and McCartney's 1983 single 'Say, Say, Say' from 'Pipes of Peace' and forged a close friendship.

U.K. newspaper the Daily Mirror quoted a Jackson insider as saying in January saying: "Michael told his lawyers he was sad he no longer talks to Sir Paul and said he wanted to make things right."

Jackson, who died today at 50 years of age, had been reportedly diagnosed with cancer and one can speculate that the strain put on his heart during workouts for his concerts next month in London ultimately led to the King of Pop's demise. Jackson had sold 50% of his assets to Sony but held the other half which would be given back to McCartney if the rumors are proven to true.

Paul McCartney joins Neil Young onstage at London's Hard Rock Calling concert: Paul McCartney surprised Neil Young Saturday night in London's Hyde Park when Young was performing The Beatles "A Day In The Life". Macca casually strolled onstage catching Young off guard. Paul hugged Young and bowed to him several times before sharing the microphone on The Beatles classic. Young was performing at Hard Rock Calling.

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