Concerts Vs Shows

Britney Spears arrived in London this week with her 'Circus' show. Not a concert in the traditional sense of the word as Ms Spears doesn't actually sing anything live. The whole concert, vocals and music is nothing more than backing tracks with Britney performing among acrobats and other circus performers whilst miming. While I'm sure the show is spectacular can you really justify charging £50 a ticket for a concert with no singing? Obviously Michael Jackson thinks so as rumours are that his contract with AEG for his upcoming 'will they or won't they happen', sorry 'This Is It' shows at the O2 only demand that he actually appears and sings for 15 minutes per show.

I'm sure both of these performers think that the 'show' is more important than their vocal abilities, however I'd rather spend my hard earned money seeing and hearing someone actually play and sing – isn't that what concerts are really about?

Posted By Steve Borkowski

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