Eddie Van Halen talks about a new Van Halen album

Evh In a recent conversation with Rolling Stone Magazine, guitarist Eddie Van Halen had the following to say: On new VH material; "Janie and I are getting married on the 27th of June, and then we'll go on a honeymoon. Then Dave, Wolfie, Alex and I are going into the studio and record some new music and go on tour about a year from now….But we're a true band now.

It wasn't just a reunion one-off thing. I've already gone to Dave's house four or five times over the last month. I've got so much music. It's just trying to figure out what Dave's into because we haven't written together in a long time. But it's great. It feels like we've always felt in the beginning. But I'm sober, so it's different. He's sober, so it's different. It's a wonderful feeling."

And on being sober: "I started drinking when I was 12 years old because I was nervous. And my dad gave me a shot of vodka and it was a wonder drug. It really worked for a lot of years. But I certainly didn't drink to make music or to write. It had nothing to do with it. I just get nervous. I'm nervous now. But I stopped drinking over a year ago, and I'm done with it. For 42 years, I drank. It just shows you anything is achievable."

Full Interview (and about Mike's departure from VH) at: www.rollingstone.com

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