Friday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


NICK CAVE / BONNIE PRINCE BILLY / VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Palermo Shooting OST' [Release Date 13/07/2009]


'Palermo Shooting' is the new feature film from legendary German film director Wim Wenders ('Paris, Texas', 'Wings of Desire'), the story of Finn, a successful photographer who lives in the city of Dusseldorf. Following a car crash in which Finn narrowly escapes death he is forced to reassess his life he moves to the city of Palermo, and this is where his adventures begin… The original soundtrack to 'Palermo Shooting' reads like a who's who of celebrated alternative artists and features many tracks recorded especially for the film. Wenders' old friend Nick Cave appears twice with his band Grinderman who contribute two new tracks – 'Dream (Song For Finn)' and 'Song For Frank' – while Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt Sweeney recorded the sublime 'Torn and Betrayed' for the film. Other artists to record original music for the film include Irmin Schmidt, Sibylle Baier and Get Well Soon. The soundtrack also features tracks from acclaimed artists such as Portishead, Calexico, Beirut, Iron and Wine, Calexico, Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man and The Velvet Underground… No self-respecting musical aficionado will want to be without it!


THE DEAD WEATHER 'Treat Me Like Your Mother' [Release Date 13/07/2009]


The Dead Weather have announced details of their debut album 'Horehound', the first record to be recorded and released via Jack White's new Third Man studios and record label in Nashville, TN. Horehound will be made available through Third Man/Columbia Records on July 13th 2009 in the UK, alongside its US release on July 14th. To date, The Dead Weather have released two tracks via iTunes and on limited edition 7" vinyl: 'Hang You From The Heavens' and 'Are Friends Electric?'. The Dead Weather have confirmed their first ever European shows in London & Paris, alongside their forthcoming US tour which kicks off in Louisville, Kentucky on June 11th. The dirge rock four-piece, consisting of celebrated musicians Dean Fertita [Queens Of The Stone Age], "Little" Jack Lawrence [The Raconteurs, The Greenhornes], Alison Mosshart [The Kills] and Jack White [The White Stripes, The Raconteurs], have already won critical acclaim for their recent spirited live performances in Nashville and New York City.


CLUSTER & BRIAN ENO 'Cluster & Eno' [Release Date 07/09/2009]



Originally released in 1977. Brian Eno and Cluster (Hans-Joachim Roedelius/ Dieter Moebius) are credited with inventing ambient music. Brian Eno's first collaboration with Cluster, the best of this album's instrumental pieces are too emotionally rich to waste as mere background music, evoking feelings of hesitancy and regret that rescue the music from mere vapid prettiness. Three tracks in particular indicated things to come. 'Wehrmut' is an ethereal synth piece with the pace slowed to a tantalizing crawl. 'Steinsame' features a treated guitar playing a slow figure over a dark, almost funereal synth melody. 'Schöne Hände' uses watery synth effects to highlight a shivery rhythm pattern. Other pieces dispense with moody atmospherics altogether. Tracks like 'Ho Renomo' and 'Selange' consist mainly of pounding rhythm patterns lightly embellished by piano or synthesizer, and 'Die Bunge' sounds like an electronic goldfinch fluttering around a cartoon horse. 'Cluster & Eno' remains an important album. Along with Eno's 1978 'Music for Films', these works helped define the depth and promise of ambient music.

SPARKLEHORSE & FENNESZ 'In The Fishtank' [Release Date 14/09/2009]



'In The Fishtank' is an ever ongoing project of Konkurrent, an independent music distributor in the Netherlands. For this series of releases, Konkurrent invites musicians that they feel strongly related to into the studio to record. They are given two days studio time and freedom to do whatever they like musically, so The Fishtank offers a space for expression and experimentation. Laptop artist Christian Fennesz manages to create a world of unheard and rich new sounds. Christian had the idea to collaborate with Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse as, after performing together, both felt that there was further mileage in their collaboration. Just two days in December 2007 were enough to record over 40 minutes of this sublime Fennesz and Sparklehorse combination. Songs and soundscapes of rare beauty with stunning atmospherics, where abstract sounds and well-crafted traditional song structure meet and where acoustic instruments and electronics create outstanding ambience.


JACK BRUCE & ROBIN TROWER 'Seven Moons Live' [Release Date 03/08/2009]


"Jack Bruce and Robin Trower performing live for the first time!" The news spread like wildfire, the sensation was perfect. The legendary Cream bassist and singer, all his life striking new paths in blues and jazzrock, and the immensely talented guitarist of Procol Harum fame, who left the chains of 5-minute-pop behind him very early and never followed any mainstream cliches: Both musicians have written history in rock for more than 40 years. It was at the beginning of the 80s when they first worked together in a studio producing two remarkable records ['B.L.T.' 1981 and 'Truce' 1982], but the fans had to wait for another 27 years for another meeting of the two titans: It was not until last year that 'Seven Moons' reunited them. The Veterans had formed a power trio; together with drummer Gary Husband [Level 42, Gary Moore, John McLaughlin], they recorded new material: Fine bluesrock painted in psychedelic colours und wonderful sounds – a record transporting the living spirit of the creative seventies in to the third millennium. 'Seven Moons' is the third joint venture of two aged musicians – and it is their masterpiece. A few months later a fansite announced: "Bruce, Trower & Husband to take 'Seven Moons' into orbit! For a few nights only, Robin and Jack will get to play live together for the first time ever in late February 2009", and this is the result. The set even includes a few tunes from Bruce's famous catalogue – Cream hits 'Sunshine Of Your Love' and 'White Room' have been remade into something very special and very different here.


AMY WINEHOUSE / VARIOUS ARTISTS 'The Roots Of' [Release Date 27/07/2009]


20 jazz, blues and soul songs that inspired the voice of the noughties. featuring Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington & more. Beyond the tabloids, tattoos and tantrums, way back to when she was listening to her Dad's record collection and fostering a heady love of Sinatra there was always something of the lost and lonely about the Grammy-award winning singer… This CD collect 20 of these inspirations.


CAPTAIN BEEFHEART / VARIOUS ARTISTS 'The Roots Of' [Release Date 27/07/2009]


18 mississippi delta blues, free form jazz and brooding swamp boogie songs that inspired the legendary artist including Howlin' Wolf, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk & more. Captain Beefheart is legendary for his ability to mix and match sounds and musical styles and make them into something wholly unique. This collection gathers a cross section of music that inspired the man to reach yet further out during the late '60s…


ELVIS COSTELLO / VARIOUS ARTISTS 'The Roots Of' [Release Date 27/07/2009]


20 Soul, Rock 'n' Roll, R&B and Country songs that inspired the legendary songwriter; featuring Elvis, Nina Simone, Johnny Cash, Roy orbison & more.


KINGS OF LEON / VARIOUS ARTISTS 'The Roots Of' [Release Date 27/07/2009]


20 Blues, Folk, Country and Sacred songs that inspired the Southern Rock legends, featuring Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins, Elmore James & more Although cagey about their inspiration, their hi-octane rock music owes more than a debt to legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, the Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Dylan, as well as the spiritual upbringing they received. The deep roots of that upbringing are collected here…


SUN RA 'Sun Song' [Release Date 27/07/2009]


This recording initiated a much larger audience to the multifarious and otherwise logical post-bop rhythms of one of jazz's most notorious and equally respected figures. The sides which comprise 'Sun Song' were recorded on July 12, 1956 by Tom Wilson, who would go on to produce such rock luminaries as Frank Zappa, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, and the Velvet Underground, among others. Wilson's use of Chicago's premier Universal Recording Studio accounts for the amazing crispness and attention to nuance omnipresent throughout the disc. Ra's highly arithmetical approach to bop was initially discounted by noted jazz critic Nat Hentoff as "repetitious" with phrases which were "built merely on riffs with little development." In retrospect, however, it is obvious there is much more going on here. Among the musical innovations woven into compositions, such as the up-tempo 'Brainville' and 'Transition,' are advanced time signatures coupled with harmonic scales based on Ra's mathematical equations. The intricate harmonies and complicated arrangements on 'Possession' and 'Sun Song' are inspiring in their deceptive simplicity. This may well be the most accessible work in Sun Ra's massive catalogue. It is likewise one of the most beautiful.

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RONNIE WOOD REISSUES [Release Date 27/07/2009]

I've Got My Own Album To Do:

For his 1974 debut album, Ron Wood enlisted future band mate Keith Richards and the Faces' pianist Ian McLagan as support and turned in a loose, good-humoured album that catches fire on the swaggering 'Take a Look At The Guy,' the earnest cover of 'If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody,' and the grinding R&B workout 'Crotch Music.'

Now Look:

'Now Look', Ron Wood's second solo album from 1975, was a tighter affair than his debut, yet it lost none of its predecessor's off-the-cuff charm, thanks to convincing, ragged covers of Ann Peebles' 'I Can't Stand The Rain' and 'I Got Lost When I Found You,' which was written by the album's producer, Bobby Womack.


BILLY TALENT 'Billy Talent III' [Release Date 13/07/2009]



Billy Talent return this summer with their third studio album – 'Billy Talent III'. The album has been produced by Brendan O'Brien [AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Mastodon] and is set for release on July 13th, preceded by single 'Rusted From The Rain' on June 29. 'Billy Talent III' sees the band return to their grunge roots and influences, taking on an altogether heavier, dirtier sound – whilst still injected with the explosive energy and sharp punk rock twist that typifies the band's inimitable style. The album also signals the band's first studio recordings since 2006's 'Billy Talent II', apart from the Red Cross charity single 'Turn Your Back', which was recorded with Anti-Flag singer Justin Sane, and is included on the album. After a decade of hard work and near-on non-stop touring Billy Talent broke through into the punk mainstream with their eponymous debut 'Billy Talent' in 2003, the album went on to become triple platinum in Canada with success soon following in the UK and Europe. 'Billy Talent II' followed, spawning hits such as the infectious 'Devil In A Midnight Mass' and 'Fallen Leaves', the album has sold over a million copies worldwide. Ltd CD: DVD sized with a 16 page booklet, CD2 features 4 demos and 11 mixes without guitar. Tabs for all songs are included to play along. Also includes two 2-sided posters.


BLACK CROWES 'Warpaint – Live' [Release Date 13/07/2009]


The Black Crowes are one of the all-time great live rock bands. Their shows are legendary and regularly sell out in record time wherever in the world they play. This new live DVD was recorded last year on the tour in support of their critically acclaimed new studio album 'Warpaint'. It features the whole of the 'Warpaint' album in extended live versions plus a mixture of previously unreleased cover versions and some of their own classics.


GREEN DAY '21 Guns' [Release Date 13/07/2009]


Ltd 7":

"There's a hugely imposing certainty about the album's sound and songwriting… the main currency of 21st Century Breakdown is king-sized stadium rock" – The Guardian "Deft, epic, versatile and thrilling" – Kerrang! "The voice of a disenfranchised mainstream, presented for prime-time consumption" – Metro "Tight, flashy and full of gnashing pop hits" – NME "Another perfect document of our times" – Q Despite being available for just two days of the chart week, Green Day's new album '21st Century Breakdown' debuted at #1 with UK sales of 90,000. The album accumulated another 70,000 sales in its first full week of release. '21st Century Breakdown' has also proved to be a true global phenomenon. It has already topped the charts in 22 countries including USA, Germany, France, Japan and Canada.


HANK MARVIN & CLIFF RICHARD 'Hank Plays Cliff' [Release Date 03/08/2009]


Hank Marvin and Cliff Richard need no introductions as legends in their field of work. On this album Hank puts a different interpretation on some Cliff Classics. Cliff has recorded new vocals for 'Carrie', 'Move It', 'I Could Easily Fall [In Love With You]' and 'In the Country'. Includes the great Cliff classics Living Doll, Wired For Sound, The Young Ones, Carrie, Summer Holiday, Move It


DOVES 'Winter Hill' [Release Date 20/07/2009]


After 4 long years Doves arrived back into our lives with 'Kingdom Of Rust' in April and no one really, least of all the band themselves, anticipated the reception it received: the critics hailed it as their magnum opus, the fans flocked to the shops (certified gold in just three weeks) and then to the shows, as the Mancunion threesome went on to sell out 2 UK tours that culminated in 2 back-to-back sold out shows at the Brixton Academy. Now Doves are back again with new single 'Winter Hill' released 20th July on the legendary Heavenly imprint. Known locally, 'Winter Hill' is a beauty spot between Chorley and Bolton in the West Pennine Moors. It's famed for its UFO sightings, mining activity, aeroplane disasters and murders but to Doves it clearly means something altogether more magical and ethereal. Already a fan's favourite 'Winter Hill' ushers the listener in via a pop Reich repetition, all looped effects and soaring synths before morphing into what can only be described as a love song. Albeit, a love song, that is burly and adventurous in its production, almost stadium sized in the chorus and lyrically rich with observations of the environment and all that is encountered atop 'Winter Hill'. Full of the bracing rural psychedelia that has become their hallmark, this is Doves at their very best. Furthermore, on the flip side of the 7" vinyl there's a totally different change of pace with the Dylanesque 'Brazil', a new track that adds yet another dimension to Doves repertoire.

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