It was 42 years ago today

Sgt-peppers-drum-850-100 …that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play!

Unbelievably today marks the 42nd anniversary of the release of possibly the most important album in history, The Beatles Sgt pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Going straight to number one where it stayed for 23 weeks, 'Pepper' is still the biggest selling UK album ever and sits firmly in the top ten biggest selling albums of all-time.

It truly was an album of firsts.

Sgt. Peppers was the first "concept" album, although any link between tracks was tenuous.
The record is the first not to be banded into individual tracks, with hardly any gaps between songs.
It was also the first to use the run-out groove, therefore leave the stylus on the record and it would chatter away endlessly. 

The Beatles insisted that the album be issued identically worldwide, so for the first time Capitol in America fell into line and didn't split tracks over different L.P.'s

The cover has a picture montage (but not the Beatles first – check out "Beatles For Sale") by Peter Blake which contains,

57 photographs,
9 waxwork models loaned from Madam Tussaud's,
A Sgt. Pepper drumskin,
A stone bust,
Four Statuettes,
An Idol,
A doll wearing a jumper emblazoned with "Welcome The Rolling Stones" and "Good Guys",
A portable T.V.
A Gold award,
A variety of flower arrangements, one spelling "Beatles", and another of a guitar, plus a row of Marijuana plants,
And … The Beatles.
Other than the waxworks, the other items all came from the personal collections of The Beatles.

The drumskin was painted by a genuine fairground artist, Joe Ephgrave, who actually did two versions. The chosen design is now part of Beatles iconography and is probably the second most famous drumskin of all time.

The cover too, is the subject of a few "firsts",
It was the first to have the lyrics printed on the reverse.
The inner sleeve was also the first to be decorated in a design by Seemon and Marijke.

The total recording time spent on Sgt. Pepper's was over 700 hours at a cost of about £25,000

Also recorded during the Sgt. Pepper sessions,
"Strawberry Fields Forever" – 24th November 1966 – 22nd December 1966
"Penny Lane" – 29th December 1966 – 17th January 1967
"Carnival Of Light" – 5th January 1967
"Only A Northern Song" – 13th February 1967 – 14th February 1967
"Drum Track" – 22nd February 1967 … 22:10 long, unreleased, never remixed.

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