Latest Jazz Arrivals

This week's jazz collectables include yet another copy [well, our second] of the Mike Westbrook rarity Love Songs, back in stock only a month after our first one flew out the door in a matter of days! It includes the closing tune Original Peter. This tune was so unexpectedly funky that it was edited down for a Deram single release, a massive flop of course, but soon picked up on the DJ scene and still packs a punch on the dancefloors today. Other gems include a UK OG of this Miles Davis album we have never heard or even seen before [sold in an instant!]. And let's not forget the father of jazz modernism, one of the principle founders of bop, Charlie Parker. Bird At St. Nick's is a rare audience-taped recording here on a French LP from the 60s, another newly arrived jazz gem pulled from the 991 vaults. We treat you well, y'know…

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