Mos Def to release new album … on a T-shirt

The rapper and sometime actor has turned to fashion to publicise his new record. But if you're expecting a garment that plays hip-hop then you'll be disappointed

What better way to enjoy Mos Def's new album, The Ecstatic, than on … er … a T-shirt?

Sounds like a stupid idea? Yes. But stupid ideas don't seem to faze Mos Def. The rapper and sometime actor has become the first major artist to endorse The Original Music Tee (TM), a shirt "that literally weds music and fashion", according to a press release. Of course, the T-shirt doesn't "literally wed" anything – what they mean is that there's a picture of the album cover on the front, the tracklist on the back, and a hang-tag with a code to download it in MP3 format. Our dreams of a garment that plays hip-hop have been crushed.

Manufacturer LNA Clothing have already released a "mixtape" shirt curated by DJ Invisible, featuring tracks by Alice Russell, Magic Arm, the Silent Years and Theresa Andersson. The playlist is pretty good, actually – but then again, at $60 (£36.50) it had better be. Mos Def's Ecstatic shirt is a little cheaper – $39 (£24) – but still costs twice as much as buying the album on CD, vinyl or digitally. We think we will hold out until we can buy the record on a cloak.


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