One In Five Skip Work For Festivals

A new survey suggests that 141,000 people will apparently throw a “sickie” this year to help recover from a festival outing.

The survey, compiled by dance music, the Lovebox Weekender, quizzed 3000 festival-goers about their spending habits and they found that not only do one in five people skip work on the day following a festival, but that on average people spent £600 for each festival that they attend.

According to the survey, the biggest expense was the festival ticket at around £140, with the next biggest outlay being the money spent on booze (a massive £130). This is followed by travel (£100) and food (£60), with other purchases for clothes and provisions making up the remainder of the costs.

In terms of what really riles festival-goers – 37% of people said filthy toilets were the biggest problem, 28% said the weather and 15% claimed lack decent showers, while 10% blamed lengthy queues and another 10% said poor food was the problem.

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