Original Beatles board game discovered by 991.com

334123  THE BEATLES Flip Your Wig: Rare original 1964 US board game manufactured by Milton Bradley Games in association with NEMS. A highly desirable and collectable game, complete with all pieces in remarkable condition considering that this item was manufactured for children to play with forty four years ago.

Prices of mint condition copies of this game have more than tripled over the last 2 years as they become near impossible to find, this in turn has driven up the price of non mint copies.

Both the the contents and the box itself are in near mint condition, the box show very little signs of age with only a small sticker mark on the bottom plus a light crease, the top is stunning.

The box contents should include:

Main playing board
1 Die
3 of each yellow Beatles Face Card (12 total)
12 red Hit Record cards
3 of each red Beatles Instruments cards (12 Total)
3 of each yellow Beatles Signiature card (12 total)
4 mover pieces (one of each Beatle)
Instructions in filler tray
Compartment to store mover pieces.

All other contents listed above are present and are in fantastic condition, the board is not damaged, faded or split as is so often the case. The cards are free from creases, writing, rips and tears as are the Beatles main mover pieces. The instructions on the filler tray are clearly printed, unfading and without discolouration. The colours on the picture are rich and vibrant.

Considering this was released over forty years ago the box is stunning, and has been looked after very well and shows very little evidence of being played.


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