Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated …

New year, new blog.

After several months of feeling like my brain is being squeezed through a too small icing bag, with the gentle application of a blow torch from time to time to aid the flow, things are finally looking up.

Looking up around here is also a little different. We are blessed with being on the outer limits of the range of the Greater London Rose-Ringed Parakeet & very noisy b*ggers they are too! Apparently they live up to forty years & seem to be thriving in this country, far away from their native Himalayan foothills.

Being reasonably functional again, I am back to drooling over product exotica, which is my equivalent of nesting, I suppose. If you’ve not picked them up yet, the 50th Anniversary of Island Records has yielded three limited edition triple CD box sets, all of which are worth having. The yellow Reggae one has been a solid hit here. The pink ‘Rock’ one also has some gems therein. For some reason I seem to be alone in my appreciation of the green ‘Folkie’ one!

Some things stay the same – Still a stack of stuff to sort and add with every day popping up a long lost relic from Pinky & Perky to Frank Zappa.

At the moment I am wading through over thirty years worth of 7″ singles from the Weston Taylor Collection, which is still producing surprises on a daily basis.

It’s good to be back.

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