The 20 most collectable LPs

From Record collecting has never been more popular with vinyl LPs from The Beatles still commanding the highest prices, but experts predict that it won't be long before recordings made by bands in the eighties and nineties will be worth owning too.

Neil Roberts, head of the department for Popular Culture for auction house Christie's said: "Album sleeves played such an important role in the past, you went and picked up your vinyl every Saturday and what was on the LP sleeve was important. I think that's an area that's going to be more in demand in the future."

Besides The Beatles, British blue-chip bands that command hundreds of pounds for rare and earliest pressings include the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who and The Smiths. David Bowie and Marc Bolan also have a huge fan base. Across the water, Elvis is among the most sought-after rock and roll innovators.

Here are the 20 most collectable albums, taken from Record Collector's 'The Top 200 most collectable LPs'.

1. The Beatles, The Beatles 'The White Album'     Value: £5,000-£7,000+
2. John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Unfinished     Value: £3,000
3. The Beatles, Please Please Me     Value: £2,500
4. Billy Nichols, Would You Believe Me     Value: £2,500
5. Marc Bolan, Hard on Love     Value:   £2,000
6. The Bread and Beer Band, Untitled     Value:   £2,000
7. Forever Amber, The Love Cycle     Value:  £2,000
8. Jimi Hendrix, Cry of Love     Value:   £2,000
9. The Rolling Stones, Their Satanic Majestics Request     Value:   £2,000
10. The Beatles, The Beatles (export LP)     Value:   £1,500
11. David Bowie, Bowpromo     Value:   £1,500
12. Dark, Dark Around The Edges     Value:   £1,500
13. Doctor Isiah Ross, The Flying Eagle     Value:    £1,500
14. Friends, Friends     Value:   £1,500
15. Alexis Korner, Blues From The Roundhouse     Value: £1,500
16. The Rolling Stones, Promotional Album      Value: £1,500
17. The Beatles, Yellow Submarine     Value: £1,200 
18. Spriguns of Tolgus, Jack With a Feather     Value:  £1,200
19. Tinkerbell's Fairydust, Tinkerbell's Fairydust     Value: £1,200
20. The Beatles, Abbey Road     Value: £1,000

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  1. Yes, as a graphics designer I’ve always found LP sleeves an interesting medium! There’s a blog I follow called “What LP sleeves REALLY mean” (I’ve put the link on my name) and there’s quite a few sites around that showcase the really bad ones too!

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