Thursday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


BOB DYLAN 'The Essential Bob Dylan' [Release Date 15/06/2009]

5DVD [+Book]:

This spectacular foil-blocked deluxe box set presents the music of the legendary Bob Dylan, featuring rare live performances from the past 35 years. Selected from premier sources worldwide, this collector's edition brings you the best tracks from the many different eras of the 20th century's greatest singersongwriter. The book features an in-depth biography of Bob Dylan and a detailed analysis of his music. The five DVDs feature Bob Dylan solo and with guest artists performing live in concert and from television broadcasts around the world. Tracks include some of his best known & loved: 'Just Like a Woman', 'I Shall Be Released', 'Mr Tambourine Man', 'I Ain't Me Babe', 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door', 'Blowin' in the Wind', 'Highway 61 Revisited', 'My Back Pages' and many more. Also included is the '30th Anniversary Celebration' in which classic Dylan tracks are performed by the like of Pearl Jam, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, John Mellencamp, John Winter, Tom Petty & many more.

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MARK READ 'Peace At Last' [Release Date 22/06/2009]


Former member of chart-topping boyband A1, Mark Read releases his debut solo album. In recent years Mark has been writing material for the likes of Charlotte Church, The Jones Gang, Robin Gibb & Andy Abraham & this year performed a live world premier of his track 'The Greatest Lady in My Life' at the Tesco Mum of the Year Awards at the London Waldorf Hotel. The album is a great mix of uplifting pop tunes & lovely piano & acoustically-backed ballads. As well as writing for the above artists, Mark has piano credits for Charlotte Church, Jason Donovan & Mica Paris among others, as well as film vocal credits including a Harry Potter film!

GREEN DAY 'Last Century & Beyond' [Release Date 29/06/2009]

2DVD [+Interactive Game]:

Great two DVD plus interactive game box set. DVD 1 features rare concert footage along with the views of the band and music crtics in an in-depth review of the Grammy award-winning album 'American Idiot' while DVD 2 is a critical review of the band and their music in general and also features concert footage. In the game, the DVD remote is used to answer muliple-choice questions on the band in order to unlock disc 2 which features an otherwise unreleased concert performance by Green Day.

AC/DC 'Hell's Bells' [Release Date 29/06/2009]


Two DVD box set. Disc 1: 'The Bon Scott Years' reviews this period in the career of this legendary band, from playing obscure clubs to the world's biggest arenas using rare footage of the band performing some of their classic tracks and the views of leading critics & working musicians. Disc 2: 'Back in Black: The Ultimate Critical Review', concentrates on this iconic album and features performance highlights of tracks from the album as well as the views of a dedicated team of professionals.


VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Speaking My Mind: New Rubble Volume 2' [Release Date 06/07/2009]


Prog/psych is a genre generally neglected by singles collectors as the bands of the time were known mainly for their album output rather than their 45s. This compilation aims to set the record straight by bringing some of the best examples of the genre to the attention of aficinados, a timely enterprise as many influential are actively seeking prog/psych singles to play, not only exposing them to a wider audience but driving up the prices of originals accordingly.


VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Modesty Blaise No. 1: Cheesy Pop For The Connoisseur' [Release Date 06/07/2009]


Killer Mod / freak beat pounding compilation LP with 14 dance floor tracks from the '60s. Includes Chris Farlowe's 'Air Travel', VIPs' 'Straight Down To The Bottom', Eyes of Blue's 'Don't Ask Me To Mend Your Broken Heart', Plastic Penny's 'Your Way To Feel Me Go' and many more hundred dollar tracks… The first seven tracks of this supber '60s comp are Mod and R&B movers and the remaining seven are out and out freak beat pounders.


VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Mind Expanders Vol. 2' [Release Date 06/07/2009]


Vol 2 of the 'Mindexpanders' series brings you more of the rarest, most funky, weird and downright excellent tracks in existence. It's an intriguing CD, and undoubtedly one that will encourage collectors and creators alike to explore the lost world of strange recordings. Another great set of rare tunes from the '70s – a mother lode of cuts with lots of strings, fuzzed out guitars, sexy eastern-esque tabla-clarinet duets, sitar, Hammond organs and even steel drums. Cover tune award on this one goes to The Soulful Strings for their sitared and feathered version of the Beatles 'Within You Without You'. This album is a must for fans of Vampyros Lesbos and sundry other erotic soundtracks, as well as just general musical weirdness!


MU 'Mu' [Release Date 06/07/2009]



CRESSIDA 'Asylum' [Release Date 13/07/2009]


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