Tubular Bells 35th Anniversary Celebration At London’s O2!

468158 Cities across the world will join in a special one off performance of one of the most successful albums.

Mike Oldfield’s 1973 album Tubular Bells is most well known for being the theme tune to The Exorcist.

Across the world in Milan, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, Japan and London, events will be taking place to mark the 35th anniversary of the album, as well as it’s digitally enhanced re-release.

But there’s a twist.  Each event will happen on June 6th at 6pm, following the devilish 666 motif.

London’s devilish event is hosted by The British Music Experience and will be held at the O2 Arena. Visitors can try their hand at bell ringing, before listening to the 29-piece Hand Bell Ringers of Great Britain and ambient house duo The Orb, showcasing their tribute.

Oldfield, 56, said he doesn’t want the horror movie link to put families off bringing children who will be admitted free.

He said: “I hope the kids will come and families won’t be put off by the 666 thing.”

The event will take place at the O2 Arena from 2pm. Adult tickets are £15, concessions £12 and children get in free.

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